Jimmy & Natalie

Jimmy is a self proclaimed international man of leisure. He enjoys biking the greenbelt in Scottsdale, consuming a cold beer beers on a Friday night, and is a lifelong supporter of the Rangers FC!

Natalie is great at planning DIY projects and horrible at executing them. She enjoys hiking local trails, wants to write a children’s story titled “Bunny and Quail” and is on a mission to find the world’s best pad thai.

Blog Name


Why does your blog have a food name if it’s not a food blog?

One evening we thought it would be fun to start a blog and track our travels. Natalie (somewhat jokingly) suggested “Haggis and Hamburgers” given both food items were the epitome of our countries. The next day Jimmy purchased the domain – SURPRISE! – and Haggis and Hamburgers was born!

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