Our 80’s Baby Victorian Farmhouse: The Remodel Journey Begins

Oh yes, you read that right. 80’s. Victorian. Farmhouse.

Okay, Okay. So this house wasn’t actually built during the reign of Queen Anne. But the MLS and appraisal classify the home as a “Victorian” style, so there! This house is oozing with charm and potential curb appeal, only to be filled with 80’s treasures on the inside. We invite you on our journey as we make this house our home in Peoria, AZ.

This beauty right here is signed, sealed, delivered. It’s ours!


Depending on where you live, a house like this may seem fairly common or ordinary. But here in Phoenix, there is something unique that jumps out at you when you see a house with a front porch and wood-siding listed among a sea of stucco/clay tile housing developments. 

After a bit of convincing for Jimmy to drive us “all the way to Peoria,” I hoped we were in for something unique.

Biggest Selling Point: The Lot

One thing we absolutely would not compromise on was the size of the lot. We wanted something that was at least quarter of an acre. Maybe where you live that’s not a big deal, but ¼ acre lots in our price range and not 50 miles outside of Phoenix are surprisingly hard to come by.

Why a ¼ acre you ask? First, we wanted to have enough land to start our own garden and grow our own food. We’re not talking livestock with chickens and milking goats (although Jimmy would seriously love that). We’re looking to grow an abundance of fresh fruit, veggies, and spices from our very own garden. It will put us back in control of our food source and should alleviate the spending/plastic accumulated at the grocery store.

Additionally, we wanted the potential to grow/build/add a business that will help monetize the house. In the greater Phoenix area, having a guest house/casita or even renting out space to park RVs is a great way to bring in extra cash flow. Having the house work for us (and not the other way around) was a necessity for us to buy. One of the best ways we could set ourselves up for growth was having a bit of land with all of its glorious potential.

This space has been cleared by the former owners and is now a corner of untapped potential

The “Victorian Farmhouse” Style

If I’m being honest, I’ve googled “What is a Victorian style house” a LOT in the past 28 days. And quite frankly, I still can’t tell you all of the structural elements or how the house meets those requirements. But hey, here is what we love about the character and charm:

  • Wrap around porch with posts
  • What I’ll call the almost dormer windows on the front
  • Bump out windows on the front and back
  • Tower (or is it a turret?) which hold the first and second floor bathrooms
  • Covered back patio with a bench swing – Update: the former owners took their beloved porch swing. We’ll get one eventually, to be continued…

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

When you see pictures of the inside you can totally see why we call it our 80’s baby. But since me and the house are nearly the same age, I can’t hate on it. Whether it’s the oak cabinets, original appliances, stained wood trim, or fluorescent light boxes that jump out at you, this house reminds me of my childhood. And I guess in a weird way can be kind of comforting.

She may not be flashy and updated on the inside, but here’s what we loved:

  • Tall Ceilings in the common areas
  • Brick features in the kitchen and family room
  • Nice sized bathroom footprint for the master and guest baths
  • Master bedroom + bonus area upstairs
  • Potential for open floor plan

One Word: Remodel

The goal here is not to gut everything and turn it into a flip that looks like every other house. The question becomes how can we add more charm inside (and outside) to a house that feels a bit unique and special?

Outside of watching waaaaay too many hours of HGTV, neither of us has remodeling experience. But we each have a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Plus, let’s be honest – Jimmy is only interested in knocking down walls.

Here are our high level goals and ideas as we get settled into the new house:

  • Updates with a timeless touch – feeling the rustic farmhouse vibe 
  • Rework the space – take down walls to create a more open floor plan
  • Eco-friendly – reuse or purchase sustainable items/appliances
  • Capitalize on the land – who knows, maybe we’ll be the next up-and-coming urban farmers 😉

So with that, follow along and wish us luck!

If anyone reading this has input/feedback/suggestions/resources that we should consider please feel free to share!

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